Our Staff

You want more than a boat. We understand that. The real difference at Lake Assault Boats is our focus on your needs and your mission. After all, you want a tool, not just a boat. With every project we rethink and revamp our processes to give you what you need. It starts with a conversation. Our team is ready to get started.

  • Chad DuMars, Vice President of Operations (715) 395-6554
  • Smokey Glover, Director of Operations, East Coast (757) 434-6119
  • Bob Beck, Director of Sales & Marketing (479) 250-7135
  • Jim Sorenson, Regional Sales Manager; (251) 610-5996
  • Chris Roningen, Customer Support & Quality Specialist (218) 393-0537
  • Jeremy Jacobson, Marine Designer
  • David Turnipseed, Engineer
  • Heather Boe, Procurement
  • Lacie Glaeser, Administrative Assistant