Lake Vermilion 25

Lake Vermillion, MN

Northern Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion has 1,200 miles of shoreline, much of it without roads. It’s shores have been the sites of the many rescue emergencies in ice and water conditions over the years.

The Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade approached Lake Assault Boats about building a versatile craft that could operate on ice, on water and in conditions in which both ice and water were present to help them respond to rescue calls and other emergencies.

The result was the Brigade III, an all-aluminum craft propelled by a powerful engine and fan blade. The 25-foot boat can can reach speeds of up to 50 mph on water and considerably more on ice. It is the largest and most extensive air boat that Lake Assault has built.

“We see a growing need for these kinds of boats,” Lake Assault Vice President of Operations Chad DuMars says. “Fire departments and rescue squads need vehicles that can move across ice but that also can handle water. Ice and water combinations are especially dangerous. We make vehicles that help rescue squads save lives.”


25’L x 8.5’W Ice Rescue Air Boat

Full Cabin

Gullwing Doors

Propulsion: GM LSA 550 HP Counter Rotator

Pump: CET 250 GPM Portable Pump

Speed: 55 MPH over water

Heated Windows

Electric Davit

Shock Mitigating Seats for (4)

Wireless FireCom communication system

Electric Davit

(2) Hydraulic ice breaks

FLIR Camera




Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade President Don Potter -

"We think they would be the best boats out there at any price. When we shopped around, the cost-benefit ratio definitely pointed right at Lake Assault."