Lake Assault Dealer Territories

  • In addition to the names listed below, each of these dealers have multiple sales reps throughout their territories. These are the “go-to” contacts to start with. Additional reps from each of these companies may get involved.
  • Each of these dealers is required to have sales reps in the field, mobile truck service to make repairs, one or more buildings for the repair of apparatus and financial stability.

 Hendrickson Fire Rescue Equipmentall of Long Island; New York City and all its boroughs, along with the counties of Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Duchess, Westchester.

President- Craig Probst.  Father is Tom Probst- handing over the reins to his son Craig.

Boat rep- Bill Eletto 516-779-5474.

Campbell Supply Company: all the counties in New York State except the 5 counties that are covered by Hendrickson.  The State of New Jersey.  The State of Pennsylvania.

Owners: Scott Campbell 50%, Chuck Yeoman 25%, John Craft 25%. (Chuck is our primary contact at the management level).

New York Sales Mgr- Shaun Hanzalik 607-765-2263.

Pennsylvania Sales Mgr- John Rossetti 717-649-6056.

New Jersey Sales Mgr- Ryan Bailey 908-239-5171.

Sales & Delivery Mgr-  TBD.

R & R Fire Truck Repair:   The state of Michigan.

VP-  Ricke Rosselle 248-867-3161.

Atlantic Emergency Solutions:  The states of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina.

President/Owner- Joe Pack 757-880-4425.

Sr. VP- Brian Bashista 302-736-3616.

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group:  The states of Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

President- Patrick Siddons  281-442-6806.

HGAC and Sales- Jeff Doran 281-543-7031.

VP Sales- Kirk Givler  281-899-9280.

Boat rep- Scott Beckwith  214-274-6666.

MilPro Marine:  States of MN,WI, OH, IL, IN, MO, KY,TN
Bill Lamphiere, 5088 Boyd Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525-1273
(616) 308-1602  


Lake Assault Boats
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